You ever hear a name and ask yourself "who the heck came up with that name?" Yeah, us too!

Well, that's something we come across all the time. Between, "Who is MixedPrints", "What does MixedPrints mean", and "What does MixedPrints do?", we decided to break it down in this box, so, here goes...


MixedPrints is a Fashion+Beauty Blog created by  Katurrah.  MixedPrints was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 2016. Because I have such  a strong love for all things fashion and beauty I decided... why not just be more hands on with something I love & enjoy. Here on MixedPrints I'll give you the latest fashion trends, fashion tips, share our go to favorite beauty products, and we'll be connecting with some fashion designers to see what their love of fashion is all about.


On the other hand, MixedPrints' goal is to it's also being a community partner - uplifting and being positive role models to young entrepreneurs who need avenues and channels to share and express their ideas. 

That's enough about MixedPrints. Be sure to subscribe and stay connected. 

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