MixedPrints Monday The Orange Suit

Updated: Sep 17

Fall is here, and its just about everyone's favorite time of year. For some its because of holidays, cold weather etc. And for others like me, were just excited for the fashion. And when I say fall fashion I mean the colors, fur, different textures, turtle necks & pulling out the booties. And in this look below you'll see exactly what im referring to. This specific look to me is sophisticated, versatile, & sharp. I purchased this suite from www.shopakira.com The fur collar itself gives so much of a fall style and took this look from 0 to 100! The fur collar was purchased from Amazon. So whats your favorite fall go to piece? Let me know in the comments. All pictures taken by BryceLennon of UnregisteredStyle.com . Happy MixedPrints Monday! Keep it Mixy! xoxo


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