MixedPrints Monday: 1 Shaggy Cardigan, 3 ways.

You ever have a poppin piece of clothing and you just want to rock it with almost every outfit? Well when it came to this vibrant yellow shaggy cardigan thats exactly how I felt. They way it’s cut, the color and the whole piece itself gives me life. Pretty Little Thing did a good job with this one, only for $68.00 on top of that, it’s a buy I couldn’t pass up.

This past weekend I was in California & pulled out my cardigan for the 1st time with an all white outfit, I kept it pretty simple since this cropped cardigan itself is loud. The shades I got from ASOS Marketplace by Dark Paradise Vintage, white high waist pants from H&M, simple white tank from Target, and my classic white shelltop Adidas. Usually I would want to pair something like this with a pump, heel or bootie. But along with the traveling and sight seeing this casual chic look was a go for sure.

2nd look was really fun! Same cardigan, same sneakers, but this time I threw in the stripes. My boohoo romper which I got on sale for $15.00 with free shipping. The burgundy wide brim hat from Pretty Little Thing had me fleeing flirty & fun! On top of that I was super comfortable. I never usually think of stripes with bold colors but this turned out really cute!

3rd look was simply chill. My Zara basic t shirt in a nude pink color with an old pair of high waist H&M jeans, Forever 21 olive green booties and a choker.All in all the compliments were flowing every time I wore this piece and it made me feel absolutely fabulous. When it comes to fashion don’t ever think you can’t wear a piece more than once or ever post it on your social media multiple times. Wearing any piece more than once along with showing how you throw it together with different outfits is what fashion is all about. Comedian Tiffany Haddish wore her Alexander McQueen dress multiple times so you can too! Remember, versatility is always key. Stay Mixy.


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