MixedPrints Monday: What I Wore To Philly Fashion Week

An outfit that was completely unplanned, very last minute but turned out to be a hit gives me nothing but good feels! And im sure it does the same for you. As you may know the past few weeks have been fashion filled with New York’s Fashion Week, London’s Fashion Week & of course Philly’s Fashion Week. So of course this is the time to spot everyone wearing some amazing fashionable outfits making statements, being expressive and etc. I enjoyed every moment of it.

What I originally planned to wear was my basic Plain Jane look, high waist jeans, cute top, heels with accessories and etc but at the last minute I hit the switch up, which turned out to be cuter than I thought. I turned my Burgundy faux velvet dress into a shirt for the night, paired it with my striped high waist trousers which were purchased from target. I had to throw in my yellow faux fur piece to add a pop of color & make everything look fun along with a fresh pair of black pumps on my feet too!

All in all I loved how everything came together, it was out of the box for me but I owned it and felt every bit of comfortable and confident. Outside of my look there were many different fun and outlandish styles that surely caught my eye. Hope you enjoyed this MixedPrints Monday blog. Stay Mixy!


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