MixedPrints Monday: High End VS. Low End -The Sneakers

The polls are in!!! This past week I decided to get more in tune with my followers on Instagram & see what they think about certain sneakers, rather high in or low in brands because the styles were similar. We did Balenciaga vs. Target brand sneakers, Alexander McQueen leather platform sneakers vs Adidas Stan Smith along with Balenciaga sock sneaker vs. Zara sock sneakers. And I even threw in a Kanye West Yeezy Line comparison, which was originally blogged from another person who goes by talksandthoughts on Instagram. This started off as just a way to get more interaction with my followers but with the responses & the outcome of the votes I felt it was better just to make a blog about it!

Based off some of the responses I got, (which are posted above) people picked based off of quality, names/brand, price, what they feel looks better & outdated styles. With that being said, drop some comments and let me know what route you would take? And it’s not always about the name it’s more so about how you wear it and the way you style it. Because “Fashion fades, Style is eternal” - Yves Saint Laurent. Stay Mixy.


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