MixedPrints Monday: 3 Simple Fashion Rules

1. Less Is More: Over accessorizing can take away from your outfit. 2 rings per-hand and an amazing statement necklace can do the job. Don't forget, it also depends on where you're going... It's a time and place for over accessorizing. 2. Dress Comfortably but Confident: When it comes to dressing only YOU know what jeans hug you the right way, what stiletto, chunky heel, or even a those great pair of flats that gives you a boost of confidence. You only understand what romper, jumpsuit or dress that can make you feel comfortable & untouchable. Stick to that feeling. It's always a great time out when you can look great along with feeling comfortable and confident. 3. Simplicity is Key: Going all out can be exhausting at times. But we can never get enough of a basic clean & chic outfit. Example: High waist denim jeans, white V-neck paired with your favorite pumps or platform heels speaks volume. Simplicity is the key to effortless style. Thank you for reading & we hope these fashion rules were a huge help! Stay Mixy.   


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