MixedPrints Monday: A PISHPOSH WEEKEND

In the past, we've traveled to North Carolina to "Get Mixy" with different brands and to network. While in North Carolina, PishPosh was a brand we featured on our website! This past weekend, Emani, PishPosh's creator, came to her hometown, Philadelphia, and hosted an amazing pop-up shop!

The PishPosh experience was like no other, especially with Emani's hand painted work being posted throughout the entire studio. She literally grabbed everyone's attention! Everyone talked about her unique style while enjoying drinks, dancing, taking pictures in the PishPosh photo booth, and most importantly making PishPosh purchases! 

There was nothing but love and support filled throughout the room for PishPosh and Emani!

Keep up with PishPosh on Instagram @pish__posh and visit www.pishposhapparel.com. 



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