Summertime Skin Care Routine

Summer is right around the corner and healthy clear skin is always key. Seriously, who wants to walk around with crazy summer breakouts?! Set loose and be free! Anywho, below we've decided to share some of our suggestions with maintaining a great summer skin care routine. We all know that exfoliating is essential. Vanity Planet's Spin for Perfect Skin Set, your job is easily done. The set comes with two brush sets that are fairly soft but. They also come with one body brush and one pumice stone for the feet. You definitely have a win win with this amazing set! Next, a great soap to use with this Vanity Planet Set would be Raw African Black Soap. Black Soap can be strong at times, so use it at your own discretion. Black Soap will cleanse, help prevent breakouts, clear blemishes and of course maintain clear skin. Another great soap to use is Dove White Beauty Bar. It does the same thing but isn't nearly as strong. Furthermore, face masks and moisturizers play a major part in a good facial skin care routine. Formula 10's Deep Down Detox (found at Ulta) does exactly what it says! When you first apply this mask to your face, it gives you a tingly feeling after it dries and once you rinse off it leaves your face with smooth, clean and slight glow. The Picture Perfect Day Moisturizer just tops it off. This is a light weight, oil free, soft fragrance product to use on your face that we would suggest to anyone. Lastly, drinking plenty of water will ALWAYS be a valuable asset to your daily routine. Starting on the inside will help what's happening on the out. Changing your water intake will help the other products work like magic! We hope these few tips are helpful and remember everyone has a different skin type so results may differ!  



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