"The road less traveled": Our first road trip experience!

"Beep, beep...vroommmm"

Those are the sounds we came across on the busy i95! Our 7 hour drive to Greensboro, NC was an experience we'll never forget--mainly because of how long the drive was and partially because it was our first road trip! Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the "Never Too Much" Day Party/Pop Up Shop by Colby Cornell and Friends and just experiencing that good ol' Southern Hospitality!

We were so excited to come across young entrepreneurs who were excited about getting their businesses and brands up and running. We were able to interview a few people and will post the interviews once we're done editing. It was an amazing time having people ask us who we were and what we do, and of course we exchanged our information to keep them posted! We even got an opportunity to meet inspired individuals who wanted to be in the fashion world, but didn't want to create another clothing line, and wanted to create their own routes, so we were able to speak life to them and give them some tools we've used to keep MixedPrints going.

Let's not forget the music and bottomless mimosas--man, what a time! We danced and danced a little bit more! The DJ and hosts were putting on a show for sure.

The best part was everyone being so excited to support one another and collaborate under one roof--and that's what MixedPrints is all about. We hope the brands we interviewed understood how important their presence was at the event, because we certainly understood why.

This is the first of many road trips to come and we can't wait for the next one! In order to expand as a brand, you have to step out of your comfort zone, and that's exactly what we did.

Until next post!




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