"It's Handled": Navigating through entrepreneurship the MixedPrints way

En•tre•pre•neur•ship (noun): The activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risk in the hope of profit. Risk--that's something we certainly took when we decided to create MixedPrints. From late night to early morning discussions on how to get started, switching schedules around to make sure we complete projects, learning about finances, and most importantly, building an effective brand and staying true to our goals. So how exactly are we handling things?! Well, we believe we're handling this entrepreneurial journey pretty smoothly. Of course we realize we have a lot to do, but we are happy with what we have completed thus far! Below we shared some things we do to keep us on track. 1. Communicate  This is so important, especially if you're a team. Katurrah is way better at communicating at times where Brittney may just put content out there before discussing it (lol)! For the most part, when it comes to major decisions, we are all in! Also, what works is us bringing different views and ideas to the table. We both are able to communicate effectively, be transparent, open-minded and respectful to each other's viewpoints. This is a major key to MixedPrints! We both have the same end goal and we are not afraid to try different things to get MixedPrints moving! 2. Network You cannot succeed in a business without using your resources! Who's in your corner? Who can help you with a project? Who can be a major asset to your team? Who can get you to the next level? Thankfully we both have an outgoing personality, so that has helped us when it comes to meeting new people. Ironically, that's how MixedPrints started. Brittney was working at Aldo and Katurrah was shopping in there. Brittney said, "Girllll! I love your hair and your style! I am a Fashion+Beauty Correspondent for a digital magazine, so could I interview you?" Katurrah said, "I have a YouTube channel and I do tutorials and lookbooks!" from there we exchanged information, completed the interview and boom, MixedPrints was born! It's all about reaching out to people, keeping in touch and not being afraid to make new contacts. 3. Educate MixedPrints is new on the scene and we don't know it all or act like we do, so we educate ourselves on business, brand building and content curating all the time. We feed off of who we follow and who follows us on social media and view how they are engaging their audience and see how we can do the same--the MixedPrints' way of course! We understand social media is our hotspot and we want to keep the block hot, if you get our drift! We also educate ourselves on handling finances and how not to mix personal finances with business finances, using tools that both of us will have access to in order to see what we've spent, and finding ways save to spend for important things. Another thing we have educated ourselves on is the importance of quality versus quantity. 4. Organization and Notes I mean really, how are you going to keep things going if you're not organized?! We keep calendars and so many notes to stay on track. We're both busy outside of MixedPrints, so figuring out how to allot time to MixedPrints through email updates, text messages and calendars are pivotal to us. Also, we take notes of ideas that may have come to us, we take notes on something we saw in passing and screenshots of different looks we want to re-create, and screenshots on staying motivated and being business savvy. So just image out or phones and notepads look, lol! 5. Motivate We understood going on this journey was not going to be easy and we knew motivation was key to keep it going! Positivity, even through the hiccups and doubtful moments, has helped us become a stronger team. 6. Give Thanks This one is not hard! We say thank you to everyone that has supported us in some way and most importantly, we give thanks to God for even allowing us to get this far in our journey. Plus, giving thanks says a lot about a person. You have to show people you appreciate them and that's how you keep them in your circle! These are just a few ways we handle entrepreneurship and we want to hear how you handle it, so comment or e-mail us! #StayMixy


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